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Our History

ChemicalBus is the Professional Research Chemicals Marketplace.

We and our partners are RC specialists, committed to outstanding customer service and innovation to serve an ever-evolving RC marketplace. We also provide various amenities to the patrons to put their demands forward and get them to solve timely and as per their requirements.

Our business goal, most of all is to assist global importer to purchase RC products with Consistent Quality and Reasonable Price with Trade Assurance.

The Idea Came UP

As you also know, this is an industry that is overrun by fake vendors and labs and this makes it increasingly difficult for vendors and labs to reach customers and gain trust.
Trust is so precious! But How To Get It?


Our Team Start

Everything needs to be done with like-minded partners. Luckily, I met them


The Website is UP

ChemicalBus.com is UP and Running after five months of preparation. The road was difficult, but we persevered.


The First Vendor

This was an important day for us to have our first reliable vendor. Their name is SHD Chem.


The First Buyer

This was also an important day for us to have our first buyer. His name is Hank.


The First Order Online

After a lot of hard work, we finally made the first online transaction. The vendor is SHD Chem, and the buyer came from USA. It took about 17 days from sending to receiving.
Thanks for their trust.


The Sellers Up To 100

Each seller's qualifications are strictly vetted. We are responsible not only to each buyer, but also to ourselves.

Purchase with Confidence on ChemicalBus.com

Trade Assurance protects online orders when payment is made through ChemicalBus.com